Monday, February 03, 2014

3 More Winter Weather Events This Week

7:30 PM Tuesday update... Are you tired of it yet?  Well, there are more things to watch and I'll have a full update Wednesday.  There will be a major surge of arctic air and highs will not get out of the 20s Thursday.  There will be a weak piece of energy coming through late Thursday into Friday and I still expect areas of flurries and light snow, mainly over western and northern Arkansas.  The models are almost abandoning the idea of a weekend storm and bringing something in next Tuesday.  I'm going to wait for more information to come in overnight into Wednesday morning before making a call on that.  I have a feeling the operational models are having a difficult time resolving things.  Stay tuned.


We're just getting warmed up for a very wintry week ahead.  There is no doubt this week presents numerous forecast challenges.  This video goes over 3 winter weather events.

  1. Tuesday
  2. Late Thursday/early Friday
  3. Saturday into early Sunday


Anonymous said...

YES! Bring on the ice in Jonesboro! No classes again tomorrow?? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping for some major stuff in Conway....without the power outages.

Anonymous said...

Get to the point faster please, not so much yak. Thanks for what you do and keeping us up to date.

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