Thursday, February 12, 2015

Winter Weather Next Week

3:30PM Thursday update... This continues to be an evolving situation and there are a couple of noticeable changes I want to briefly discuss.  First, it appears the precipitation may start a little earlier than expected.  Sleet and freezing rain may overspread much of the Channel 7 viewing area between  6PM and midnight Sunday.  Again, this is just what the models say today and timing can change.  The cold air may be deep enough for light snow north and sleet central with some freezing rain south.  IF the precip comes in early enough, that will make it easier for school administrators who have school Monday, IMO.  Some schools are out already for Presidents Day.

Next, the Sunday night and Monday morning precip appears to be an initial wave with a possible pause in the precipitation until later Monday into Monday night.  That's when the upper level dynamic come out and cools the entire atmosphere leading to all snow.  The track of this and the placement of the snow is very much in question and I'll keep you updated.


It's a long video, but loaded with information once again.  We're still 4-5 days out and there are many uncertainties.  Yes, the models came back colder last night, but they can always trend warmer again.  However, this is our best chance for significant winter weather this season.  Snow lovers, there's hope!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bring it on. Yeah!!! No ice please. We want snow. Lots of snow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Very informative and great explanation.

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