Thursday, January 07, 2016


More than a week ago, I told Chris Kane and all our Daybreak viewers to watch the weekend of January 9th and 10th for snow chances.   Chris and I defined "significant" snow as 1'' or more.  The models were all hitting on it, but then early this week started to back-off.

Now they are starting to trend back in the other direction.  Read my previous blog post and I talked about that possibility as well.

I can't say this enough, the area most favored for any wintry weather will be northern Arkansas.  The GFS gives mostly less than an inch to the far northern portions of the state, but the Euro shows it could be a bit more.  While I'm NOT spiking the football, Chris Kane, I have renewed hope my idea was right.  Nothing in weather is guaranteed until AFTER it happens.  That's rule #1 in meteorology.

This area of low pressure will move across the state Friday night into Saturday morning with a round of showers and storms.  Cold air will move back into the state Saturday and enough moisture could hang around up north for a transition to some wintry weather. 

This video goes over it all!

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