Saturday, January 09, 2016

We're Not In December Anymore

Like Dorothy was not in Kansas anymore, I think we can safely say the warm weather in December is nothing but a distant memory.

An area of low pressure aloft is moving through the area with rainfall.  The air above us is super cold so it's snowing just off the surface.  If temperatures were a bit colder here, we would have snow.  As it is now, some snow is mixing in with the rain as far south as central Arkansas.  Later this afternoon and early evening, the rain could change to some wet snowflakes before ending according to new hi resolution model data.  Temperatures in the metro should stay above freezing until early Sunday morning.  At that time the moisture will be gone.  At this time, we're expecting little if any accumulation due to the warmer surface temperatures IF it does turn to a little snow.

MUCH colder and drier air will work into the state tonight with strong winds.  This will clear skies out and take wind chill values down into the single digits and teens.

The following maps of the HRRR is from

Valid at 6PM, the rain could be changing to snow on the north side of the metro over to north central AR, HOWEVER, look at the purple line.  That's the 32 degree line.  Everthing along and north of it is at or below freezing.  We're above in central and NE Arkansas.

By 8PM, the area where snow is possible is along the 67/167 corridor.  Once again, it's ABOVE 32 degrees.
At 10PM, the precip. is exiting the state and the 32 degree line is STILL north of the metro.

Bitterly cold wind chills when you wake up Sunday morning.


Unknown said...

At what point will the ground cool down enough for snow to stick and accumulate?

Unknown said...

14 day outlook snow potential?

Unknown said...

14 day outlook snow potential?

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