Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's Going To Get Rough Today

The much talked about (for well more than 1 week) "bowling ball low" will barrel through the state this afternoon and evening.  My thoughts have really not changed as to how this evolves.   As you always know, mother nature can throw curveballs and I'm always aware of that possibility.  Hail will be the big concern today, but there's also a threat for tornadoes.  I don't think it's a big threat, but it is there.  Also, it will NOT take severe winds to topple trees due to the very saturated ground.  I expect a few power outages.

The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded much of the area from a "slight" to "enhanced" risk for severe weather.  What does that mean?

  • SLIGHT- Scattered severe storms possible.  Short lived and/or not widespread isolated intense storms possible.  1-2 tornadoes possible along with some reports of damaging winds and hail 1-2'' in diameter.
  • ENHANCED - Numerous severe storms possible.  More persistent and/or widespread, a few intense.  A few tornadoes possible with several wind damage reports.  Hail 1-2'' in diameter.
The following maps are an hour by hour look at simulated radar from the HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh).  Again, this will not be perfect, but it does give a good general idea.

While there will be hail, not everyone will see severe hail.  HOWEVER, it would be appropriate to find some protection for your car or whatever can be damaged from large hail.  You should have plenty of advance warning by watching radar today.


Anonymous said...

Heard there was large hail in Malvern that broke out many skylights at the prison.

Cody Reno said...

Todd, I just want to give my congratulations to you and Ned for the Sunday storm coverage, the crew of Channel 7, the NWS out of Little Rock for not abandoning their stations even though there was strong rotation above them and having to issue/keep up with all the severe t-storm/tornado warnings, also the surrounding NWS offices which keep tabs of Arkansas counties as well: Tulsa, Shreveport, Jackson, and Memphis for doing an amazing job of coordinating their warnings together as each county warning area did have at least one severe thunderstorm or tornado warning (at one point 18 severe thunderstorm warnings and 5 tornado warnings at the same time just in Arkansas.) I'd also like to thank Skywarn and the other storm chasers in the state for giving an on the ground vantage point on if these tornadoes were actually touching down. HAM radio operators also did a great job along with local such as OEM, local rescue, and others. It couldn't have gone any better. Your competitors on different TV/Internet sources deserve a shout out for how well they did as well. Thank God the 0-1KM EHI was modest compared to the 0-3KM EHI or things would have been far worse for Arkansas. Good luck and God Speed to those affected by the recent flooding and the hail from the recent storms.

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