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February 10th, 2011. Cold Doesn't Even Begin To Describe It.

It was a snowstorm weather geeks dream of happening.  Most of central Arkansas received 5-7'' of snow with almost 2 feet across northwestern Arkansas on February 9th, 2011.  Because of this huge snow, the town of Gravette received a whopping 30.7'' of snow that month with much of that falling on the 9th.

It was a dry, powdery snow too which made for fantastic sledding and even snow skiing across the hills of west Little Rock.

What happened the next morning was nothing short of spectacular and amazing, if you're a cold weather lover!  The absolute perfect combination of fresh snow, clear skies, and no wind set up the next morning for the some of the coldest weather Arkansas and Oklahoma has ever experienced.

The small Oklahoma town, Nowata, dropped to -31°.  That stands as the coldest temperature in the Sooner state's weather history.

In Arkansas, temperatures dropped to around -20° in the northwest.  I'll never forget waking up the next morning and having to pick my jaw up off the ground looking at the observations.

Below are those temperatures and a few pictures I kept from that historic snow and cold.

Here are the official lows from the morning of the 10th.  Yes, that's -21° near Rogers and -18° in Fayetteville.  Look at all the single digits and teens across much of the snow covered areas.

Oklahoma was even colder.  Many locations in northern and northeastern Oklahoma dropped to -10 to -30°
The morning of the 10th in Springdale.

The view of Pinnacle mountain on the morning of the 10th.

The morning of the 10th in Searcy.
Rogers, AR

Springdale on the 9th.

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