Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall Air Arrives

Canada's number 1 export, cool air, will be delivered next week so we're going to need patience.  We still have plenty of warmth to deal with over the next several days.  We also need a little rainfall with the front, but it does not look significant at this point.  That can always change, but I just don't see much when it arrives.

The top map is the European computer model for today at 500mb. (upper level).  The jet stream is configured with a trough west (cold) and a ridge east (warm).  Now look at the bottom map valid next Thursday.  The ridge is over the west and the trough is east.  That means there will be a flip in the pattern and cool air will arrive central and east.
European computer model 2 meter forecast high/lows Sunday through Saturday of next week. 

Global Forecasting System (GFS) temperature forecast next week.  Both models show a significant cool down, but I think we're all rooting for the Euro to verify.
Manual charts show the front arrives Wednesday with more noticeable affects felt Wednesday night into Thursday September 27/28.

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