Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend Storm System

Here's the way I see it this Friday morning. This system will come in three phases. The first begins tonight with all rain for the entire state. It quickly pushes east by Sat. morning. then a "dry slot" moves in. Basically that means we should experience a period of dry weather which will last until the afternoon. During the afternoon, the upper levels cool significantly, but surface temperatures will be slow to cool. Wrap around moisture approaches from the west while all this cooling is occurring. This is phase three and should only bring precipitation to the northern half of the state. Phase three is where some parts of the state could see a few snow flakes. In extreme northern Arkansas, it will be cold enough for the snow to accumulate mainly on grassy surfaces. The northern two rows of counties may see up to one inch and some of the hillier areas could get a couple. Meanwhile in the purple areas, surface temperatures will be slow to cool and light rain should fall with a transition period to snow or rain/snow mix may occur. No accumulation is expected since surface temperatures will be well above freezing. Again, southern Arkansas will miss out on any precip. during the third phase. Since this is only Friday morning, things could change, but we are now within 48 hours of the event so forecasting accuracy is getting up there. A snow advisory may need to be issued for the EXTREME NORTHERN counties bordering Missouri. Right now, a winter storm watch is in effect for Washington, Madison, Carroll, and Benton counties. As we have stated already, this is NOT a big storm system and NO rush to the store for supplies is needed. We will be lucky to see a few flakes here in Little Rock, but it's possible.

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