Sunday, October 24, 2010

Severe Weather Sunday

Once again, mother nature shows us how fast Arkansas weather can change.  At times it seemed like it would never rain again as much of the state sank into a moderate to severe drought.  Now we're dealing with an active weather pattern with several rain chances.  I want to make it clear, this will not end the drought, but it helps.

As I have discussed on-air, a series of disturbances dropped the weekend weather scale to a 6 with Sunday being the day to watch for severe weather.  The morning disturbance is a very, very good thing, but it may not be enough.  The clouds and rain can help to keep the atmosphere more stable and lessen the degree of severe weather.  The Sunday afternoon/evening disturbance is the one which, if instability developed, could cause problems and this could still happen.

I think we could get enough instability to bring strong to even severe storms posing a wind and hail threat.  Some shear could even bring a tornado into the realm of possibilities.

We also must deal with very windy conditions Sunday and again Monday.  This will not be good to all of those who love looking at the fall foliage.  Some of the trees could get their leaves stripped.

Stay with Channel 7 all throughout the day for the latest info.

SPC severe weather outlook for Sunday

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Anonymous said...

So where was the rain you guys promised for northern arkansas? No offense but you guys saying its gonna rain and we end up missing it. Thats getting beyond old. Just saying!

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