Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dry Streak is Over. Drought Continues.

4:30 PM Update... Here is some EXCLUSIVE video of the hail storm in McGehee today from "Jerry".

7:30 PM Tuesday Update... The pictures from McGehee and southeast Arkansas keep rolling into my email box.  Here's two more good ones...

McGehee hail by Amy Kilcrease

Hail covering the ground in McGehee
One area of showers and storms rolled through central Arkansas and it was a very nice thing to see!!  I haven't heard thunder in a very long time!  The stretch of dry days comes to an end at 30 as Adams Field has received .33'' of rainfall.  Records are records for a reason and they are difficult to break!

With this small amount of rain, it won't even put a dent in the drought.  There is some good news down the road however.  I do see a storm system possibly affecting Arkansas around the 20th or 21st.

The upper level low responsible for the rainfall today also helped to promote hail.  Check out this amazing picture below.  It looks like a winter scene as the hail covered the ground.

Another Picture of the small to large hail covering the ground in McGehee, AR

Golf ball size hail in McGehee by Kyle Phillips
Hail covering the playground at McGehee Elem.  photo by LeeAnn

More hail at McGehee Elem by LeeAnn

Hail covering the ground in McGehee, Arkansas Tuesday afternoon (photo by Matt Hughes)

The first rain in Little Rock in 30 days.

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