Monday, May 09, 2011

Storm Safari

Some people avoid them at all cost, while others want to get as close as possible to view the biggest thunderstorms on earth.  We all know first hand the devastation these storms can cause and that's part of the fascination to see mother natures fury unfold before our own eyes.

Coming up Wednesday right here on the Arkansas Weather Blog, we will stream a LIVE storm chase in the plains of tornado alley.  The WeatherNinja, Erich Hopkins, photojournalist Philip Labuda, and I will go along with professional storm chasers in the plains of Kansas and Oklahoma.  While there is NO GUARANTEE we will see anything, you can ride along with us and watch our live streaming video and interact with us through the chat room and twitter.  At times, cell coverage will not permit us to stream it live so be patient during the chase.

At this time, I expect storms to develop late Wednesday afternoon across western and central Oklahoma into southern Kansas.  Those storms will have the potential to produce large hail (we're in a station car), high winds, and tornadoes.

There's MUCH more to this story than just chasing storms.  When I get back we will put together a couple stories on Channel 7 you will NOT want to miss.

We do not recommend anyone chasing storms.  We have the proper equipment and we're with professionals who have been doing this for decades.


tboyce1979 said...

Dangit..once I again I can't make it :( My daughter has a choir performance and I above anything else have to attend that. We Must do the Golden Coral Dinner soon Todd!

DIANNE said...

Oh how I wish I could get there....this has always been my dream....

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