Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Wobble Continues

Thanks for all the nice comments in the previous post.  While I'm extremely happy and looking forward to the birth of my second child, there's only one thing that would make it better.  Since the baby should arrive towards the beginning to middle of January, I hope there's a BIG snowstorm and I can watch it from the hospital room with baby Yakoubian in my arms.  Of course, WeatherNinja has agreed to do an "Arkansas Weather Live" from the hospital if necessary. That's dedication...LOL!

We have a long way to go until we start talking about snow again.  It appears we should make another run at 100 degrees in Little Rock once again as the area of high pressure wobbles back to the east.  This hot bubble will decrease the rain chances and increase the temperature this weekend into next week.  The Global Forecasting System (GFS) has even indicated Little Rock will hit 100.  While rain chances will lower, they will still exist during the heating of the day.

The GFS shows the current pattern with high pressure located to the west.  This is sending in a northwesterly flow aloft and at times, disturbances affect the state with showers and thunderstorms.

By next Monday, the high pressure moves over the mid south.  The northwesterly flow aloft is gone and the heat will build once again.  Hopefully the ridge will wobble away again and rain chances will increase down the road.  Until that happens again, get ready for triple digit heat!

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