Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Video Update

Video update dealing with the cold weather next week. Thought I would spice it up with some intro music and video!!! Enjoy!


SnowbirdBob said...

Hello Everyone, Hope all is well with you all..Well, It's looking like my Outlook for the Coldest air of this fall season for Oct.15-20th time-frame is going to turn out ok..I put that post out on Sept.20 on the Blog..Anyway..Here are a few details on next weeks far as High Temps..Northern Ark Tues & Wens High's in the middle 50's Central Ark High's around 58-62 & Southern Ark High's in the Upper 60's..As far as low Temps..North around 32F..Central mid to upper 30's & South upper 30's to around 40..Yes, there will be spots that hit freezing or below...Changing the subject a little here..There will be no more 30 outlooks or Revised Outlooks for the rest of the winter..I gave my 11/12 Winter Outlook & I am sticking to it..Yes, I will give my normal 7-10 day Outlooks & Storm Details..Some of you may have seen statements about Western Canada could have the coldest winter in the past 20 years plus!! Well, Here is were it gets interesting..Ok,Here is what I think has the possibility to play we head into late early Jan..Early season snow pack in Western & Central Canada to the Northern Plains..Massive High Pressures Building..Strenghthening La Nina..You add a maturing jet..Then, Yes, the mother load of arctic air is released into the United States,,& Baby..When that kind of Arctic Air is heading south..It is very hard to stop..Another thing I am looking at is drier weather for those regions..Yes, they will have snowpack..But,Very cold arctic air is brewed better in a drier condition than a moist condition..So, Yes..I beleive even us down here will see drier than average conditions up to about the middle & latter part of Dec. Then Watch Out!! Storms & Rumors of Storms..Let's see how it plays out.See ya for now..We Shall See..

Bob Read AKA"Snowbirdbob"

Kevin Conant (Weathernerd) said...

Are you still thinking a major ice storm threat for SW AR after Christmas into January.

Also Snowbirdbob are you on facebook. If so add me

Snowbirdbob said...

Hello Kevin:Weathernerd" Yes, Still going with Big late Dec. Early Jan. Ice for South & Central Ark..Yes, I will add you on Facebook.

Anyone else that want to join me on Facebook..Look at Bob Read..Just add me as a friend & I will accept..Just send me a private message that says Arkansas Weather Blog..See ya for now..

Kevin Conant (Singing weatherman/Weather Nerd) said...

What is your Facebook name!

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