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It's finally here....The annual winter weather contest and this year will be the best yet!  Due to the expected large number of entries, you must follow the instructions carefully or you will not be entered into the contest.

Once again, we will play by "Price is Right" rules.  Whoever is the closest without going over wins.  We will also have a tiebreaker question so make sure you answer that.  If no winner is decided after the tiebreaker, we'll try to give away the prizes in the 2013 summer contest.  

All entries must be emailed to by Monday, November 26th at 9 PM.  The contest will run from December 1st and end February 28th, 2013.  Only 1 entry per person

Here are the prizes...
A black iPad 2 with Wi-FI 16GB.
A free coupon code for the best radar app available, Radarscope.  For more information about RadarScope, visit
An "Arkansas Weather Geek" shirt compliments of our own storm chaser, Weatherninja.  His website is

You will also win 4 tickets to the Golden Corral in North Little Rock

Contest question...

What will be the combined accumulated snowfall to the nearest tenth of an inch for Hot Springs, Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Harrison for the period December 1st through February 28th?

For example, let's say hypothetically snowfall totals for the 3 months are: Hot Springs 3.4'', Little Rock 5.5'', Harrison 12.4'', and North Little Rock 6.8''.  Your answer would be 28.1 inches.


What will be the combined rainfall totals from December 1st through Feb. 28th for Little Rock and North Little Rock to the nearest hundredth of an inch.  For example, if Little Rock receives 10.14'' and North Little Rock receives 8.78'', your answer would be 18.92''

All the data will be gathered from official National Weather Service observation locations in each city.

So there you have it!  Make sure you answer both or I will not be able to include you in the contest.


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