Monday, March 11, 2013

Winter Is NOT Over By A Long Shot

In the previous post I told ya winter isn't over yet.  It's making a brief appearance Monday into Wednesday, then another BIG warm up will start.  This will have you thinking winter is in the rear view mirror, but I strongly disagree.  I'll have more later this week, but I wanted to show you Sunday's wild run of the European model.  It looks like there will be a major storm threat around St. Patty's Day.  Details and specifics are impossible to predict this far out.  I'm NOT saying it's going to snow, but I do think it's a good bet more cold air surges south before spring sets in for good.

This is valid Monday March 18th.  The black lines are isobars (lines of equal barometric pressure).  Look at the area of low pressure forming in the Carolina's (1004).  A strong surface high is in the Dakota's (1038).  The flow around these features is blasting Arkansas with a cold north wind.  This implies a MAJOR eastern United States blizzard threat.
This is Tuesday March 19th.  It's COOOOLLLLLDDDDD here with a gigantic storm over the eastern United States.  This would pretty much grind air travel to a halt and would have a ripple effect throughout the country IF THIS WERE TO VERIFY! AND THAT'S A BIG IF!  Remember, this is more than a week away so let's watch it.

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Of course that is spring break week!

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