Thursday, March 07, 2013

Winter Is Over. Grab Your Shorts and the Sunscreen.

Now that I got you here.  Don't do what the title of this blog says just yet.

It seems wherever I go people are anxious for the weather to swing to spring.  I posted the following on facebook last Friday...

"Only 115 days until daylight hours begin to get shorter. Already looking forward to next winter."

That received almost 70 comments and most were rooting for spring to get here quickly.  Don't get me wrong, I like spring in Arkansas.  The only reason I don't like it is because I know what's coming shortly after that...  115 degrees with the heat index of 190 degrees.  I grew up here in Arkansas and as you know, summers can have unbearable heat.

Some of you already have spring fever as early week temperatures soared into the 60 and 70s.   But I want to remind you below of what can happen in Arkansas during the month of March.  Last March I was very confident winter would NOT come back and spring was here to stay.  This year, that confidence is NOT there.  There are several factors going on around the world which point to temperature roller coasters along with a stormy pattern.  That can lead to some wild weather as spring and winter battle it out.  

If we were in court, here's my evidence why winter isn't over...

Exhibit "A"

Exhibit "B"
Exhibit "C"

National Weather Service winter storm warning on March 20th, 2010.  Fayetteville had several inches of snow.

Here's video the "WeatherNinja took on Rich Mountain that day.   Almost blizzard conditions.

Exhibit "D"
This is the surface map from March 8th, 1994.  I'm still trying to find pictures of this event and I know I have home video of it on VHS.  I gotta get that into my computer soon.  This is off the Penn State ewall side.  The surface low over west Texas rode south of the state with plenty of cold air in place.  Those black lines are isobars and it shows the typical east-northeast wind flow at the surface for a good ole fashion snow in Arkansas.  Thanks to Brian Smith at the NWS in North Little Rock for providing these snow amounts.  Eureka Springs, 18.3'', Evening Shade 18.1'', Calico Rock 19'', Pocahontas 16'', Bentonville 14'' and Conway .6''

My point to all this?  Winter can come roaring back, but the chances are not great at all.  I never throw in the towel unless I'm 100% certain.  There's that smidgen of a chance snow lovers could see flakes fly again.

What about the Sunday system I told you about more than a week ago.   We'll it looked impressive on the modeling at that time.  (that's typical).  Right now, I would only expect rain as 1-2 inches will be possible.  The threat for severe weather is low, but I'll watch it.  That's why I haven't blogged much about it.  Doesn't look like it's going to be a big system other than the rainfall. 

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Anonymous said...

Once again, RIP winter.

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