Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Winter Weather To Kick Off The January Thaw

This will be a quick update about the winter weather on the way late Wednesday into Thursday morning.  As I have said, I expect this to target western and northern Arkansas, but some ice and snow will be possible in central Arkansas as well.   We're NOT expecting a major storm out of this, but it could be enough to cause a few travel headaches.  Temperatures will warm above freezing Thursday morning from south to north so the impact on travel will be limited in duration.  Once this wave of moisture passes, the January thaw is on!  Will winter return?  I bet it does, but will it be as harsh as what we're coming out of now?  I have doubts.

By the way, I had doubts about us getting to 9 degrees last night, but we did it!  It was the first time we officially had a single digit low in Little Rock since February of 1996.  That's amazing!!!!!

Here's a look at our exclusive model "Futurecast".  Remember ONLY a model, and not our forecast just yet.  This may have to be adjusted.  More soon.....

Ignore the time stamp on these graphics.  Small amounts of snow will be possible, especially during the onset of the precipitation.  Futurecast indicates this will be mainly west of I-30 and west of 67/167
Then the precipitation will turn to some ice.  Even a little will cause travel concerns.  It's not much at all, but roads could have slick spots.
Possible snow statewide will target mainly northern AR.
And here are ice amounts.  Remember, this is only a forecast and the precipitation types and amounts can and will be adjusted.  Stay tuned!

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