Friday, June 06, 2014

Same Song, Different Verse

Yesterday, my favorite short range hi res model indicated the next area of storms would be affecting us this Friday morning, but on radar, that area is still over central Oklahoma.  So it's off by a few hours. That's why I always say models are not perfect.  The main threats for today will be wind and maybe some hail.  I never discount a tornado, but it's very much on the low end.  If you watch radar and see that area of storms bowing out like a backwards "C", then we're in trouble.  That's a radar signature indicating high winds will be likely.  Hopefully, we'll see some weakening as this moves into Arkansas.  I know many of you are thinking that you haven't had a drop of rain yet.  Remember, this is the type of pattern where not everybody gets the storms and they don't wash out your day.  These clusters only affect certain portions of the state and we may only get 1 through here each day for awhile.

The following maps of the hi res HRRR are from

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