Saturday, February 20, 2016

Winter ROARS Back Next Week and I'm not "LION".

The chorus on social media singing "winter is over" will take a break next week for some of you!  A vigorous storm system will plow through the region bringing MUCH needed rainfall.  This is a set-up which really needs watching as the upper level low passes by Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  For snow lovers, surface temperatures are going to be the big problem.  All of the models indicate they will be well above freezing, HOWEVER, there's some hope.

Strong lift along and northwest of the track of the low will be favorable for snow production aloft.  While surface temperatures will be in the mid 30s in northern Arkansas, snowflakes may still be able to reach the ground.  This can cool the area from the surface upward enough to get big wet snowflakes and it can accumulate for awhile.  Again, the favored area for this to happen is northern Arkansas across the higher elevations.  Shocker huh?  Can this change?  Absolutely!  This is Saturday and this is coming across Tuesday into Wednesday.

This video goes over the way things stand now with the data.  We're looking at a good chance for much needed rain, but maybe some snow to satisfy a few snow lovers.  Watch and I explain it all for you!

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