Friday, June 17, 2016

I Found Some Heat/Humidity Relief

This detailed video goes over the following...
  • Unique storm over northern Arkansas this Friday morning
  • Storm chances this Friday afternoon
  • SOME weekend heat relief
  • Another warm up
  • More heat and humidity relief down the road possible as northwest flow develops


TurtleTime said...

i just want to take time out of my day to say thank you for you blog. I love the weather and follow as best I can. When i saw that storm over North Central Arkansas this morning i was geeking out as well and i wanted a explanation for it and sure enough i come here and there you are nerding out as hard as i am and explaining it to me flawlessly. I love rain and thunder and all that good stuff and it just makes me excited to see that it will happen today unexpectedly!
So once again thank you for all you do!

TurtleTime said...

Thank you for all you do. I woke up this morning and saw this storm and was just Nerding out about it. I love summer storms and this is a good example of a great one. I hope some of it makes it to the LR Sherwood area so i can enjoy the sights and sounds from my deck.

Your always there when i need an explanation for the weather and you have helped me learn so much! So once again thank you and i look forward to more crazy summer Arkansas weather.

I also wanna say that i have traveled the US my whole life and everywhere i go every state people say just wait an hour or w/e and the weather will change. I think that originated here in Arkansas because you truly never know what the next day will hold!

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