Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Break in the Heat In Sight?

I want to preface this by saying this is a preliminary look at some of the data.  I'm off work today and have not been able to dig deeper into this, but will later today or Wednesday.  Because of that, this will be a brief post.  The European model indicates the big ridge of high pressure sitting on top of the middle section of the country will retrograde to the west allowing a trough to develop.  A northwesterly flow aloft would drive a front towards Arkansas and make the atmosphere a bit more conducive to thunderstorm chances. 

While the heat and humidity will be bad over the next several days, this is extremely typical for mid to late July in our part of the world.  We have also seen and experienced much worse.  It's also very important to remember, it's still dangerous and deadly.  From 2000 to 2015, heat killed more than lightning, floods, and tornadoes across the country.

The European model today shows the ridge right on top of us with the jet stream well to the north.  This cuts off our rain chances and we cook!

In 7-10 days, the high moves west allowing a trough to develop.  This would bring relief.

Remember, heat kills.  Please take breaks, stay hydrated, and check on those who are sensitive to this heat.


jimmylee42 said...

Todd-Last week from Sunday July 10th through Friday the 15th we had 4 inches of rain in WLR in St Charles. Will need some again in the area by next week hopefully without the damage and power outages.

Anonymous said...

Everybody remember, starting August 1st, we will be looking to the tropics. It only takes one tropical storm or hurricane to move over Arkansas and cause flooding. Not to mention the severe weather they can sometimes bring.

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