Thursday, September 28, 2017

It will only get worse before it gets better.

Enjoy this brief break from the warm and humid conditions while you can. It appears more and more likely the warmth will roar back in a few short days. Last weekend, I remember putting the rain chance for Wednesday up to 20% and I knew many would not get a drop. This was true at the official observation station at the Little Rock airport. Since we don't have any rain expected through the end of the month, we'll likely end September with only .45'' and that's the 9th driest on record for Little Rock.
A large ridge of high pressure will build over the central and eastern United States next week. This looks like a repeat of the pattern lately. Temperatures will respond and go well above average and I even think it's possible for near record breaking highs by the middle to end of next week. One more thing to watch out for are the tropics. There are signs another burst of activity will get underway and the Gulf might not be immune. I would not be alarmed at this point, but it is something to keep an eye on for sure with the developing pattern.
As discussed last weekend only on Channel 7, the wildfire danger will get worse and worse throughout the week. I still think it gets worse before it gets better. The combination of dry air, little soil moisture, and no forecast rainfall will only increase the danger and more burn bans will go up.

The European forecast highs next week are well above average and we MIGHT get within a few degrees of records.

Dewpoint temperatures Friday afternoon and beyond look very low. This will elevate the wildfire danger.

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