Monday, April 09, 2018

Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared

I have a feeling by the end of this week, a few local meteorologists will be accused of hype.  I hope that's all it turns out to be, but when you see the modeling show this set-up for Friday, it would be meteorological malpractice not to raise awareness.

There really is nothing going on in the wide world of weather UNTIL late this week. So this has been, is, and will be the talk through Friday.  That might be why a few may perceive it as hype.  

Strong winds will begin to crank up Thursday into Friday with gusts possibly exceeding 30 mph.  The timing of the front is in question.  If it comes in at night, severe storms may not be as numerous compared to the daytime.  What about the exact threats?  At this time, it's impossible to know what will be the greatest threat.  However, I think all modes of severe weather including wind, hail, and tornadoes will be possible.

Remember what defines a severe thunderstorm.  ALL storms have rain, thunder, and lightning.  There are only 2 elements which make them severe and that's 1''+ diameter hail and/or winds of 58 mph or greater.   Even if a storm does not contain those 2 elements, it's dangerous since it contains lightning.  You know the saying, "when the thunder roars, get indoors."

Sometimes I get the feeling severe thunderstorms don't receive the attention they deserve compared to tornado warnings.  Last year alone, severe thunderstorm winds killed 3 Arkansans and injured 4.   Flash flooding killed 8 in Arkansas in 2017 and 2 were injured by lightning.  Yes, tornadoes are extremely dangerous, but always take severe thunderstorms seriously.   

As of today (Monday) the storms should exit the state early Saturday morning and that will pave the way for yet another near record breaking cold air mass.  Record lows will be challenged both Sunday and Monday morning of next week.  Don't plant yet, and if you have, be prepared to cover them up once again.

Most of Arkansas has at least some threat for severe thunderstorms Friday.

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Possible record lows Sunday and Monday morning.

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