Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not Too Early To Think About Snow

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I went out of town this past weekend on a trip with some old friends of mine from college. We went to see Oklahoma play Miami in Norman. It was a great game even though it was a landslide win for OU. Some people ask how can I be from Arkansas and go to OU? It is possible to be a fan of both schools. I only fear the day if they have to play each other like in the 2001 Cotton Bowl. In that case, you just sit back and enjoy the game. The game last weekend was probably the most humid game I've ever been to. The medic station at the stadium was full of people on the ground with heat exhaustion. I just drank a ton of water.

Anyway, back to the graphic I made above. A viewer e-mailed me asking what snowfall was like following summers with several 100 degree plus days. So I got the hottest summers and looked it up. Nothing really stands out about it. 1943-44 and 1947-48 seem to have a few inches of snow, but I don't think there is any strong correlation between hot summers and snowy winters.

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