Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Chili Concession Speech

7PM Thursday Update... I will have a blog post about the weekend Friday.  For you snow lovers out there, it's really not looking good.  Sorry, maybe tomorrow that will change, but I doubt it.

My fellow bloggers, chili fans, and bean lovers, I want to take this opportunity to first wish you a Merry Christmas.  It's my favorite time of the year.  Will there be snow?  Well, I'll blog about that later.

In my fight to explain that chili does not have beans, it now appears bean lovers everywhere outnumber the real chili fanatics out there.  Even though the International Chili Society says there are NO beans in chili, I will concede you can have beans in it if you wish.

The official definition of the meal by the Merriam Webster dictionary says: "a thick sauce of meat and chilis"

You can call it chili, but it's really "Chili with beans" or just plain ole soup!

Here are the final numbers.

Should Chili Have Beans?
Yes: 1080 (65%)
No: 580 (34%)

By the way, there's another poll out there on facebook and I would love to have your vote. CLICK HERE


Sparkywriter said...

I really hope this isn't the "major announcement" I just got a tweet about. I'm about to turn all of the weather tweets that I follow off because lately they've become nothing about the weather. If THIS is the major announcement, that will push me over the edge.

Justin said...

I am the 34%!!

Justin said...

I am the 34%!

Jill Cox said...

This is sad news. You can, however, maintain "chili purity" by cooking beans separately, then serving them in a bowl next to the pot of chili. Don't laugh, I have done it before..

Anonymous said...

Yep, I thought the major announcement was going to be SNOW! Dream on. But Chili is related to snow, right?

Rachel said...

Funny that you posted this. I just asked that question on my facebook page within the past two weeks. We make ours with beans but had several people say that was wrong so I asked the question and came up with the same results as you did, more people for beans than against.

Rachel said...

Funny you should mention this. We make ours with beans but had a few friends say that was wrong so I asked the same question on my facebook page several weeks ago. I also got more people for beans than against.

Anonymous said...

This is a weather blog not a beans blog. I know the weather is boring right now but geez. Who cares beans or no beans. I just hope this weather pattern the us is in changes soon. No one is getting snow except the mountains in the west and southwest. I just hope january will at least bring us in ark one snow this year.

Anonymous said...

I was following weather ninja half the the stuff he tweets has nothing to do with weather. Thats why im not following him anymore. Same with the wga.

Michael Hook said...

To Anonymous, sorry you feel that way. If you want nothing but weather, then follow @Ch7Gusty on Twitter. Everything I've seen from him so far is 100% weather related.

Merry Christmas to you.


JasonBHampton said...

Pocahontas got 1/2 of wet snow last night. It was just enough to make my 3rd snowball of the year, now I have 3, one for each snow, in my freezer. I hope I get 3-5 more good ones.

Looks like a major warm-up coming this week. Chance of strong storms coming around the 1st? I have until Jan 6th for Arkansas to go under a WSW or Ice Storm Warning. It dont look like good odds right now, but I am not giving up hope......yet.

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