Monday, February 13, 2012

Arkansas Slushie Wrap Up And What's Ahead


7 AM Wednesday Update... Just wanted everyone to know the threat for severe weather is almost non existent today.  You know my saying, never say never when it comes to Arkansas weather.  Don't worry about it unless you hear from me otherwise.  More blogging soon!!!

I think our forecast worked out quite well.  I thought Little Rock would get around 1/2'' with the higher amounts the further west and north, especially with elevation.  Here are some of the amounts I have found so far.

Little Rock .6''
North Little Rock .3''
Foreman 3''
Mtn. Home 3.5''
Yellville 2''
Ashdown 2''
Bismarck 1.5''
Harrison 1''

The winter weather contest numbers are also updated for those of you who participated this year.  You can see all that information by clicking on the "Winter Contest" in the navigation bar above!

Remember, the best snows in Arkansas only happen when the surface winds are out of the east and northeast.  Today, it was out of the southeast which contributed to surface warming as high pressure was sliding off to the east.  This allowed the upper levels to warm as well on the back side.  Significant winds thousands of feet up out of the southwest did its job after a few hours of snow.  I hope it was enough to make everyone happy for awhile.  For a good snowstorm, you MUST have the surface low track south of the state with a surface high pressure supplying cold air from the northeast or east.

Now, we must turn our attention to Wednesday.  We will have a chance for a few thunderstorms and some could become strong, especially across southern Arkansas.  I know, this weather around here usually gets crazy this time of year.  From snow to storms in only 2 days!!!!  I'll have more about this Tuesday.  However, at this time, I do NOT expect an outbreak.  I'll watch it carefully for you though.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures and video.  We received 100s and maybe 1000s of pictures at the station, but I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures and video from today's snow here.  Enjoy!

Also, thanks for the tens of thousands of you who come to the Arkansas Weather Blog each day for your in depth and detailed weather information.   I hope I make it fun and interesting for you!

Snow video out of Lonoke.

Take a look at that "Arkansas Slushie" cup!!! I absolutely love it.  That's Mason Smith of Dierks, AR where up to 2'' fell Monday morning
A beautiful shot of snow in Foreman, AR.  Yes, far southwestern Arkansas got a good snow and up to 3 inches fell here!
What a great shot from Murfreesboro!

Fantastic shot from Ashdown in Little River county.  That's the courthouse


Anonymous said...

No accumulations here in Bryant >:(
This is disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Just my thoughts on this storm monday. Keep in mind these thoughts are from a central arkansan. This storm was a major letdown. I know we were not expecting a major snowstorm but still it was very weak. It snowed for maybe i hour in little rock and just flurries for another 30 minutes. On another note i think little rocks annual average snowfall has decreased in the last 30 years. I think it was at one time 5 inches a yeat on average and now its 3.5 inches. Maybe another 30 years we will average 1 inch a year. Hope not but u never know.

jimmylee42 said...

E.T.-I recently ran the numbers from a 30 year period using info from the NWS. I believe the years were from 58-59 through 87-88. The average during that period for Little Rock was 7.5 inches of snow per year.

I'm thinking that this current 30 year period starting with the winter of 2009-10 will end up more like the avg of 7.5 inches of snow than 3 or 4 inches. As SBB says "We shall see".

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