Sunday, April 22, 2012

Arkansas Is Lucky So Far


7:45 PM Sunday update... On my facebook page, Kevin Martin, brought up an interesting point.  On January 22nd, we had 7 tornadoes.  At some point, someone will have to define "outbreak".  I don't consider that an outbreak, but others might.

I don't want to talk too soon.  One storm system can completely change this, but so far, we have dodged a bullet when it comes to tornado outbreaks this year.  Many places around us have had a horrible spring with deadly tornadoes.  So far, Arkansas has had 9 and the yearly average is 33.  No one in Arkansas has died this year as a result of tornadoes as well.  Let's keep it that way!!!!!!

We have about a month left in our primary tornado season, then it winds down rapidly.  Remember though, tornadoes can happen ANY month of the year.  Are we out of the woods when May is over? No.  The tropical season will start up soon and any remnants that track towards Arkansas can spawn tornadoes.  Also, we have a secondary tornado season which gets underway in late fall into early winter.  Let's hope we stay below average this year.  Last year was horrible for Arkansans, we deserve a break.

For more information, the National Weather Service in North Little Rock has more great information.  CLICK HERE TO READ IT!

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Donny Cook said...

I hope that isn't the same keven martin twirp that issues his own 'watchs' and 'warnings' and has threatened the nws