Saturday, January 13, 2018

Snow Way?!

Please forgive me.  I have very limited access to wifi and no cell signal whatsoever where I am right now.  Due to this, I have looked at only limited data.

I expect a weak disturbance to bring areas of flurries and light snow Sunday, especially to northern Arkansas.  While this will NOT be a storm, a few slick roads can be expected.

The bigger issue is the front and moisture late Monday and Tuesday.  This has more impact due to everyone returning to work and school after a long holiday weekend.

Looking at the data, it does not scream big snow potential, but I do think flakes fly and there could very well be some accumulation.  At this time, I do not believe it will reach winter storm warning criteria, but probably a winter weather advisory.

The focus will be central and southern Arkansas!  It does not take much to close schools and I think there's a good chance some will cancel Tuesday based upon two things:  the data I have seen and my past experience on what it takes to close schools.

Stay with Channel 7 for the newest information and I will hopefully have more later.

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