Monday, June 06, 2011

We Just Can't Get Rid of the Severe Weather!

Data from NWS in North Little Rock
8AM Tuesday Update... I have added a few videos to the "Weather Geeks Anonymous" section of the blog.  There's video of Extreme Storm Chaser Reed Timmer giving the Arkansas Weather Blog a good plug! Fun to watch!  
Also, the Ninja has added more to "Ninja's Corner".  He has video of the entire life cycle of a tornado he chased in Oklahoma a couple weeks ago.

While most of us stayed dry Sunday, a few isolated showers and storms developed during the heating of the day.  We all wanted the rain, but we didn't need anymore severe weather.  Some of the storms developed microbursts.  This is simply cool air developing high up inside a thunderstorm, rushing downward, hitting the ground, and spreading out away from a thunderstorm.  These winds can be as strong as a weak tornado and do quite a bit of damage.    The radar image below shows one of those storms over Jefferson county Sunday afternoon.  The storm began to collapse sending out a rush of cool air in all directions.  Doppler radar can pick up on this outflow.  The arrows point to the leading of small scale cold fronts.   Many times, additional thunderstorm activity will develop along these boundaries.

Sadly, one person died as a tree fell on a car in Garland county.  In the middle of a quiet, hot period, we just can't seem to get rid of this violent weather.   This raises the 2011 death toll in Arkansas due to severe weather to 35.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

There will be a chance for more isolated afternoon showers and storms over the next few days.  Sometimes they will form on left over boundaries from the thunderstorms the previous days.  If a thunderstorm warning is issued, please take it seriously!!

Check out the pictures below from Channel 7 viewers in Camden where one of these microbursts caused extensive damage.

Wind Damage in Camden Sunday afternoon

More wind damage in Camden Sunday afternoon.

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