Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The WeatherNinja and Live Severe Weather Coverage

Ch. 7 storm chasers capture this tornado near Augusta.
First some business to take care of... I am updating the summer weather contest as much as I can.  Have fun following this!  Also, the WeatherNinja has posted awesome pictures AND video of his chase in Oklahoma and Arkansas from May 24th and 25th.  Just click on "Ninja's corner" above to see it!  The "Weather Geeks Anonymous" section has more video on it including extreme storm chaser, Reed Timmer's plug for the Arkansas Weather Blog.  Go to the page by clicking on the bar above and add your own video.  Instructions are on the top of the page.

With the quiet weather (compared to April and May), I have had the opportunity to go through video of our most recent severe weather coverage from May 25th.  You know, the day we interrupted Oprah's last show.  Didn't want to, but when deadly weather threatens the state, that's what we're here for.  I like to go through the video to see if there's anything we could do differently to make it better for you.  I know storms and tornadoes scare many of you as they should.  We had 7 storm chasers in Arkansas streaming live video featuring the WeatherNinja.  I thought I would post a few minutes of his live stream and interaction early in the coverage.  The Ninja was along 67/167 near Beebe when he intercepted this wall cloud.  This goes to show you how important it is to have TRAINED PROFESSIONALS looking at the storm with their own eyes.  We can look at doppler radar all day long and say, "that storm looks like its producing a tornado".  Nothing will ever beat a pair of eyes on the ground to tell us what's really happening and that's why we are so thankful to have the Ninja!   The video may not be all that great since I had to convert and shrink it down to get it on the blog... BIG file!  If you have any comments or suggestions on our coverage, let us know in the comment section below.  Thanks for trusting Channel 7!

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