Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sherwood Severe Storm & Major Heat Wave

Summer contest numbers are updated.  Click on the link in the bar above.

This is incredible video showing the power of thunderstorm winds throwing tree limbs in the air.  The video below was taken by one of our fellow weather geeks, Chad Gardner, in Sherwood.  A severe thunderstorm rolled through town during the afternoon of Sunday, July 31st.  A few thousand lost power as high winds knocked down trees and power lines.  The video gets very intense around 30 seconds.

We have been talking about this over the past several days, a major heat wave will grip the state to kick off August.  By the end of this stretch of hot weather, the number of 100 degree days may rival the record breaking summer of 2010.  A large ridge of high pressure will dominate with little to no chance for rainfall over the next week.  Look for highs around 100-105 in central Arkansas.  To make matters worse, Fort Smith will end up with more than 30 consecutive days of 100 degree heat.  Can you imagine a solid month and more of this weather?

With 2/3 of the summer down and August to go, here are the numbers so far for Little Rock.  Weather records for Little Rock go back to 1877!
  • 3rd hottest by average high temperature (96.36 degrees)
  • 2nd hottest by average low temperature (74.61 degrees)
  • 2nd hottest by average seasonal temperature (85.49 degrees)
As of July 31st, the number of 100 degree days this year stands at 10.  By next weekend, we could easily be at 17 which will be close to the horribly hot summer of 2010 and well above the average

We couldn't even get a quarter of an inch of rain in July making it the 3rd driest on record for Little Rock. Most of the state is in a moderate drought with far southern Arkansas in an extreme drought.  The chance for any significant rain over the next 7 days is very, very small.

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