Sunday, November 04, 2012

Unsettled Weather Ahead


There are several things to watch over the next week in the weather world.  This video blog will look at some Monday rain, Election Day weather, a BIG warm up, and the potential for stormy weather next weekend.

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jimmylee42 said...

Todd- Interesting video, but I wish for the sake of the people suffering in the northeast that the low would go far out to sea. When you reported that record tying high of 83 degrees a few days ago, that made me think of some past weather oddities that might come into play this winter. Checking the NWS site I found that early November daytime high records of 83 or higher were recorded 8 times in the first 11 days of November from 1878. All of the years that those records were recorded had extreme winter weather. There were 4 winter seasons in those first 11 days that had recorded 83 or higher, because some winter seasons had multiple records as did the winter of 89-90 and 61-62 also 78-79. The winter of 09-10 had the 4th snowiest winter on record in LR. 61-62 had heavy snow in January and temps as low as 4 below and -1 plus the lowest high ever in January of 11 degrees. The -4 was the third lowest in Jan ever in LR. Winter of 78-79 had the 3rd coldest Jan ever with the river freezing. NLR recorded over 15 inches of snow in Feb alone. Finally the winter of 89-90 had some brutal cold in December. Tied the all time record low in LR of -1 for the month. It was the 5th coldest Dec ever and set several daily record lows and low highs. Does all this mean we will have extreme cold or heavy snow this winter? Maybe, but I'm still staying with my prediction of 2013-14 being the winter to remember.

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