Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Here We Snow Again

While there could be some light icing tonight and Thursday, especially over northern Arkansas, the main round of wintry weather will arrive Thursday night into early Friday morning.

The models are starting to come into some sort of agreement at this time, but PLEASE KNOW THIS IS STILL VERY MUCH CHANGEABLE!!!!!

The focus, at this time, appears to be over eastern and maybe even southeastern Arkansas for the greatest amounts.  That does not mean other areas of the state will not get snow.  It's possible for lighter amounts further west.  I fully expect winter weather advisories, winter storm watches, and winter storm warnings to be issued over the next 24 hours for this system.

If you are traveling, expect airline delays as a ripple effect will be likely due to a huge east coast storm.

This video goes over the GFS and Euro runs from this Wednesday morning and includes.

  1. What to expect Thursday 
  2. When the main precipitation arrives
  3. Who has the highest chance for snow
  4. the differences and similarities between the models
  5. A possible strong snow gradient... large change in amounts over short distance

Thank you very much for coming to the Arkansas Weather Blog for your in depth winter weather information.


Nutty Momma said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Todd! Sorry your vacation has been interrupted by this mess, but I appreciate you keeping us all up to date on the changing conditions.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, all the snow will go south this winter and leave northern Arkansas alone. Imagine a winter with only 2-3 inches of snow in Harrison.

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