Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Severe Weather Update

11AM Tuesday update... for a very in-depth look at the threats tonight and Wednesday, check out the video below.  I have just looked at some of the newest data and not too much has changed.  Large hail, severe winds, and tornadoes will be likely over Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska late this afternoon and evening.  It's at this time, they will most likely be supercell thunderstorms and pose a significant threat.  These individual cells will become more linear.  this means a near solid line of storms marching into western Arkansas.  When we see this happen, the threat for damaging winds will increase.  Hail is a threat, but not as great as the wind threat.  As far as tornadoes are concerned, the threat is there, but not all that great and nothing like the threat further west over OK, KS, and NE.

ALWAYS have a way to receive warnings, especially tonight!

Midnight hires simulated radar courtesy of weatherbell.com.  That's the linear line still well west of Arkansas.

This has been a very well forecast severe weather event over the past week.  Some may see that as "hype", but it's really the fact this has been seen for more than 7 days with all the different computer models.  Nevertheless, this will be a very significant outbreak of severe weather mostly for areas west of Arkansas, but we will feel the affects here.

This video covers the following.

  • Severe weather timing tonight into Wednesday
  • Exact threats and locations
  • What may inhibit some of the severe weather Wednesday


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Thanks Todd for the update

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Thanks Todd as always for the in depth information that I visit your blog for. This is the only place that I trust when it comes to these weather events. Thanks again

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